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Advanced Labour Advice

Advanced Labour Advice

Our firm provides continuous and punctual advice on labour matters to clients, by using the most advanced office software and data transmission techniques with the aim of both optimizing business resources and processes of mangement for our clients.


  • Continued labour law advice, especially concerning our clients day to day labour relations. We specialise in the formalisation of common and special labour relations, senior executives, salesmen, professional athletes, household employees and foreign employees.
  • Ordinary and special contracts.
  • Staff planification.
  • Advice to companies in crisis.

  • Representation and assistance to companies or employees whether employment or National Health related.
  • Advice and negotiation on collective and sectoral collective agreements at company level.
  • Advice and implementation on collective dismissals, bargaining agreements, suspension, termination of labour relations and force majeure.
  • Fully automated management of payrolls and National Health.

  • Disciplinary proceedings, individual and collective dismissals.
  • Change in working conditions proceedings.
  • Expatriates.
  • Remuneration policies.
  • Advice on staff social benefit systems.
  • Advice on occupational health and safety and occupational risk prevention.

  • Individual and collective administrative settlements.
  • Labour conciliation, mediation and arbitration proceedings before Labour Courts.
  • Labour audits.